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Butt Weld Axial Flow Check Valve

Butt Weld Axial Flow Check Valve

A Butt-Weld Axial Flow Check Valve is a specific type of check valve designed for high-integrity, leak-proof connections in piping systems where axial flow dynamics are preferred. The term “butt-weld” refers to the method of connecting the valve to the pipeline, where the ends of the valve are welded directly to the pipe. This creates a seamless, strong bond that minimizes leakage and withstands high pressures and temperatures.

Key Features:

1. Axial Flow Design: The axial flow path allows for a smooth, direct flow of fluid through the valve, reducing turbulence and pressure drops. This design enhances the valve’s efficiency compared to traditional swing or lift check valves.

2. Welded Connection: The butt-weld ends ensure a solid, leak-proof joint that can handle high-pressure applications and thermal cycling. This type of connection is particularly important in industries where safety and reliability are critical.

3. Quick Response: The valve’s internal components, such as a lightweight piston or disc, quickly respond to changes in flow, effectively preventing backflow and minimizing water hammer—a sudden pressure surge caused by a stoppage in flow.

4. High Durability: The robust construction of the valve, including its welded connections, makes it suitable for demanding environments, such as oil and gas, petrochemical, and power generation sectors.


Butt-Weld Axial Flow Check Valves are often used in high-stakes applications where reliability and performance are paramount. They are ideal for systems requiring low maintenance, high integrity, and resistance to high pressures and temperatures.

In summary, a Butt-Weld Axial Flow Check Valve offers a reliable, efficient, and robust solution for preventing backflow in industrial piping systems, with the added benefits of welded connections for enhanced durability and leak prevention.

Structural Features:

  • One-piece body, has very short structural length, is only 1/4~1/8 of the flange check valve. Low volume and light weight, its weight is only the slow closed check valve 1/4~1/20;
  • Wonderful sealing carrier makes the valve able to be installed at any direction and the disc can tough the seat sealing perfectly.
  • The disc stroke is short, the impact of closing the valve is small; and disc closing fast, water hammer pressure is small,
  • Sensitive action, good sealing performance.
  • Long service life and good reliability.

Product information:

  • Structure type: Axial flow
  • Body type: Straightway type
  • Seat type: Soft /metal seat
  • Temperature range: -196℃~595℃
  • Pressure range: CLASS150-CLASS2500
  • Diameter range: NPS2-NPS24(DN50~DN600)
  • Suitable Service: Water, Steam, oils, air-fuel mixture and corrosive medium etc..

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