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Lift Check Valve

A Lift Check Valve is a type of check valve that is designed to allow fluid to flow in only one direction and to prevent backflow. The fundamental mechanism involves a disc or piston that moves vertically (lifts) in response to changes in fluid pressure. When the forward flow pressure in the pipeline is sufficient, it lifts the disc off its seat, allowing the fluid to pass through. In the event of reverse flow, the disc is forced back onto its seat by gravity or the reverse pressure, effectively sealing the valve and preventing any backflow.

Key Characteristics:

Design: Typically includes a body, a bonnet, a seat, and a disc. The disc is guided in a vertical path within the valve body.

Materials: Made from robust materials such as stainless steel, cast iron, bronze, or other alloys to ensure durability and resistance to corrosion and wear.

Operation: Effective for applications involving clean and viscous fluids. The vertical lift of the disc ensures a reliable seal and minimal leakage.

Applications: Commonly used in petroleum, water, and wastewater industries, as well as chemical processing plants where backflow prevention is critical.


Durability: They are less prone to wear and tear due to fewer moving parts.

Efficiency: Ideal for high-pressure applications and provides low-pressure drop during operation.

Reliability: Known for their robust performance and ability to maintain a tight seal, preventing fluid leakage effectively.

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