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Swing Check Valve

A Swing Check Valve is a type of non-return valve designed to allow fluid to flow in one direction and prevent backflow. It features a hinged disc, or “flap,” that swings open with forward flow and closes when the flow stops or reverses.

Key Features:

1. Hinged Disc Mechanism: The valve has a disc attached to a hinge at the top, which swings open to allow flow in the forward direction. When the flow stops or reverses, the disc swings back to a closed position, thus preventing backflow.

2. Minimal Pressure Drop: The smooth, streamlined flow path results in minimal resistance and pressure drop, making it suitable for systems where maintaining flow efficiency is important.

3. Simple Design: The straightforward mechanism with fewer moving parts contributes to its durability and reliability.

4. Heavy-Duty Construction: Often constructed from robust materials, Swing Check Valves can handle high-pressure and high-temperature conditions.


Swing Check Valves are commonly used in water and wastewater treatment, oil and gas pipelines, power plants, and various industrial processes. Their robust nature makes them suitable for handling large volumes and high pressures.


Reliability: The simple swinging mechanism ensures dependable operation with minimal maintenance.

Ease of Installation: The valve can be installed horizontally or vertically, though horizontal installation is more common.

Resistance to Wear: Suited for high-flow applications where durability is necessary.

Versatility: Compatible with a wide range of fluids, including liquids and gases.


Slower Response: The hinge mechanism may not close as quickly as spring-loaded designs, posing a risk of water hammer in some systems.

Size and Weight: Generally bulkier and heavier compared to other types like single or dual-plate check valves.

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Swing check valve

Swing check valve



• The valve features a disc that is hinged at the top, allowing it to swing open for forward flow and close to prevent backflow.

• Made from durable materials to ensure longevity and reliable sealing.

• Constructed from robust materials like cast iron, stainless steel, or bronze to withstand high pressures and resist corrosion.

• Designed to handle harsh operating conditions and ensure durability.

• Provides a sealing surface for the disc to close against, preventing backflow.

• Made from wear-resistant materials such as rubber, metal, or combinations thereof to ensure a tight, leak-free seal.

• Includes a hinge pin that attaches the disc to the valve body, enabling the swinging motion.

• Built to endure mechanical stresses from continuous operation.

• Typically equipped with flanged ends for secure and reliable connection to the pipeline.

• Alternative end connections like threaded or welded ends may be available based on application requirements.

Product information

  • Body and Bonnet Connection: Bonnet bolted, pressure self seal.
  • Seat type: Soft /metal seat
  • Temperature range: -196℃~595℃
  • Pressure range: CLASS150-CLASS2500
  • Diameter range: NPS2-NPS60(DN50~DN1500)

Technical Specifications

  • Design and Manufacture: BS1868, API6D
  • Inspection and Testing: API598, API6D
  • Face to face and end to end: ASMEB6.10
  • Connection End: Flange: ASME B16.5, ASME B16.47; Butt-welding ASME B16.25

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